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Film screening and discussion - 'The war that tore my family apart'


15. November 2023

Film screening and conversation

Jødisk Informationscenter together with film director and documentarian Benjamin Fischermann shows the documentary 'The war that split my family'. Come in and join an important conversation about transgenerational trauma and watch the film.

"Pain travels through families until someone is ready to feel it"...is the core of this event, where Fischermann and the Jewish Information Center invite you into an intimate space where we dare to explore and understand the trauma of World War II. 'The war that tore my family apart' is a documentary film by Benjamin Fischermann that sheds light on a two-generation-old family conflict in the Fischermann family. Secrets and pain have turned a once close family into strangers. Benjamin, the grandson, tries to uncover the truth behind the family's deep rift and restore the connection that was broken years ago.

Benjamin's quest begins with an in-depth investigation into the family's history and his grandfather's background. He discovers that his grandfather, a once beloved youngest brother, broke up with his siblings after an inexplicable conflict. Through old letters, diaries and preserved memories, Benjamin gradually uncovers the heartbreaking truth: World War II and Hitler's regime cast a shadow over the family's fate, and this burden shattered the bonds between the siblings.

On his journey, Benjamin comes across touching stories of sacrifice, survival and the trauma the war created. He sees how the pain of the past has shaped his grandfather, forcing him to break ties with his siblings in an attempt to protect them. The film premiered on DR and has since been shown on all the major Scandinavian TV stations, NRK and STV. In addition, it won the Kravling prize in the category 'Journalism.'

Tonight's program

As part of the investigation of how trauma from the Second World War looks like today, the Jewish Information Center and Fischermann would like to invite the audience to share their own stories. We will therefore start the evening with a presentation by Fischermann followed by an open conversation about our own experiences among the audience. JIC wishes to record this conversation for the development of educational material in an attempt to bring the events of and the aftermath of the Holocaust up to date for young school students today. After the interview, we will show the film, and we will pick up questions and comments for Benjamin Fischermann. 

If you do not wish to consent to being recorded, please notify the organizers upon arrival.

Date: Wednesday 15 November at 19:00-21.30:XNUMX

Location: Jewish Information Center, Krystalgade 12, 1172 Kbh K

Language: Danish

Price: For free → book ticket here

organizerJewish Information Center