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An evening about stumbling blocks


3. October 2023

Lectures and musical entertainment

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the German occupying power's action against the Jews in Denmark, the Snublestens group is holding this event, where you, among other things, can hear about who can get a stumbling block and the work that precedes the laying of stones.

Since 2019, Snublestensgruppen has laid approx. 100 stumbling blocks in the Copenhagen area, in Odense, Kolding, Vejle and in Randers. The stones are laid to commemorate people who were persecuted by the Nazis and they are laid both for those who died and those who survived the persecution. In Denmark, stumbling blocks have been laid for both Jews, resistance fighters, police officers and communists.

The members of the stumbling block group will talk about the stumbling blocks, which with approx. 100.000 stones laid in 31 European countries are the world's largest decentralized memorial. 

We also offer a musical feature and a glass of wine.

Photos: snublesten.org and Lizette Ottensten

Date: Tuesday 3 October at 19.00-21.00. Doors open at 18.30:XNUMX p.m

Location: Trinity Church Parish Hall. Pilestræde 67, Kbh K. 

Language: Danish

Price: Free - no registration required

Organizer: The stumbling block