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Flight route Møn - the rescue of our Jewish compatriots


10 October 2023 to 31 October 2024


Story about the escape routes and the help that Jews received on Møn in Oct. 1943

Until February 24, 2022, we were all lulled into the belief that there would never be another war in Europe. Unfortunately, this was not to be, and therefore the exhibition Flugtrute Møn - the rescue of our Jewish compatriots has unfortunately become eerily relevant.

After 5 May 1945, all of Denmark stood together for a slogan that read 'Never more than 9 April'. Yet we have happily forgotten our history and we could have been run over.

In other words, we have once again found ourselves in the situation where we must stand together and help fellow refugees there.

Date: The exhibition opens on 10 October 2023 at 14. Tuesday-Friday 10-14. Ends 31 October 2024

Location: Møns Museum. Storegade 75 in Stege

Language: Danish

Price and ticket: Access to the museum and exhibition in Oct. NOK NOK 65, then free entry to the Exhibition

organizer: Møns Local Archive, Local History Association and volunteers