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Nyborg kicks off the summer


4 May 2023


True to tradition, we kick summer into Nyborg - the evening before Great Prayer Day. We do this with wheat, cannons and a special focus on the liberation of Denmark. See the full program below.

We have put together an exciting program on the square, in the church and on the rampart. There are fun children's activities, liturgical worship in Our Lady's Church, the opportunity to buy hot wheat and, of course, group singing and saluting at the Queen's Bastion.

As something new, we also mark Denmark's liberation this evening. From 17-20 there will therefore be a number of special activities linked to the liberation of Denmark, including a city walk with a focus on the Second World War and a film screening at the Court House. This year is the 2th anniversary of the 'Jewish action' in Denmark, and lecturer in contemporary history, Therkel Stræde, will tell a lot more about it in an exciting lecture at Torvet.

Nyborg kicks off summer with a bang on Thursday 4 May from 17 – 21 p.m. 


Lecture at Therkel Stræde - 1943: When the persecution of Jews came to Denmark - and East Funen 

At the parliamentary elections in March 1943, everything looked quite peaceful in German-occupied Denmark, but in August a wave of rebellion swept through the Danish - and Funen - provincial towns, forcing the government to step down. German repression followed with a state of emergency, internment of Danish soldiers and persecution of Jews.

Funen was hit hard: As many as 60 Jews were deported from the island to Theresienstadt. Many East Funen families had taken in Jewish refugees from Germany – adults and teenagers. How did the Jews fare when the Nazis struck?

In the 80th anniversary of the 'Jewish action' and the deportation, Therkel Stræde will give an overview of the fateful year 1943 and discuss why - despite many good intentions - things went so wrong when the persecution of Jews hit Funen.

Therkel Stræde is associate professor in contemporary history at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, specializing in Germany, Nazism and the Holocaust. He has published books and articles on the history of Nazism and the occupation period and is currently leading the project THERESIENSTADT: TOPOGRAPHY AND MEMORY


Daily program (subject to change)

17.00 Welcome to 4 May
17-20 Children's activities on The square
17-20 Meet Snublesten Fyn, who talks about their work in laying The stumbling block for the war's falling resistance fighters.
17-20 Hot wheat and coffee can be bought at The square
17-18 Lecture with Therkel Stræde; 1943: When the persecution of Jews came to Denmark - and East Funen. (the square)
18-19 City tour with a focus on the Second World War and Nyborg's Jews. Duration one hour. Meeting place at The square
18.15 Folk dance on The square. Also try to step the dance yourself
19.00 Film screening on The courthouseNyborg occupied and liberated
19.00 Liturgical devotion in Our Lady Church
19.40 Tappenstrege from the church to The Queen's Bastion
20.00 Music on The Queen's Bastion
20.15 Mayor's speech and joint singing at the violence
20.35 A minute's silence
20.36 The message of freedom
20.45 Cannon salute

Date: 4 May 2023

Time: 17:00-21:00

Location: Nyborg - on the square, in the church and on the rampart

organizer: Nyborg Castle

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