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The story of October 1943 on Louisiana


1. October 2023

Music and film screening

Denmark is proud that most Danish Jews were saved in October '43. For many, the flight to Sweden nevertheless left a trauma. And the stay in Theresienstadt an even greater trauma.

How should "October '43" be understood and told today? Compared to the Holocaust in other societies, Denmark and most Danish Jews escaped unscathed when, in October 80 years ago, the Nazi occupying power launched its so-called "Jewish action" - the attempt to deport all Danish Jews. In the end, 6000 Jews managed to hide and be rescued to Sweden. But 472 were sent to the concentration camp Theresienstadt, from which 53 never returned home.

Danish PEN and HIA, Humanity in Action mark the 80th anniversary of October '43 with a reading, debate and music.

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Music knows Michael Petri

'Voices in the Void' 18 minutes animated film about and with former chief rabbi, now deceased Bent Melchior, who fled across the Øresund to Sweden as a teenager. Voiced in Danish by Bent Melchior.

Bjørn Bredal journalist and writer reads Herbert Pundik's essay 'Flight, always' from Danish PEN's anthology 'Ord på flugt' (2016)

Thomas Harder og Lene Ewald Hesel the author couple behind 'A stone for Eva – Bogense 1855 -Theresienstadt 1943'

Miriam Capelle psychologist and author reads from her book 'My soul's watermark' – the story of her great-grandfather, who was deported to Theresienstadt.

The battle for history knows Adam holm – with the historians Bent Bludnikow og Simon Kratholm Ankjærgaard about the sources and the handed down story about the rescue of the Danish Jews.


Moderators: Mille Rode, Anders Jerichow

Organizers: Danish PEN and HIA, Humanity in Action

Date: 1 October 2023

Time: 15:00-17:00

Price: DKK 10 (+ DKK 10 fee) → Link to ticket here

Location: Louisiana

organizer: Danish PEN and Humanity in Action in Denmark