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Auschwitz Day in Copenhagen


27 January 2023


January 27 is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is marked in the UN, the EU, around Europe and elsewhere in the world. On Auschwitz Day in Denmark, we remember victims of the Holocaust and other genocides.

For a number of years, Copenhagen Municipality has marked International Holocaust Day (Auschwitz Day in Denmark) with a special event in close collaboration with the Danish Jewish Museum. In 2023, the running of this important event has again been handed over to the Danish Jewish Museum.

In 2023, Auschwitz Day has a special focus on marking the 80th anniversary of the action against the Danish Jews in October 1943, which will also be marked at a number of other events and activities during the year. It is an important story in an otherwise dark time, which will be remembered in both a Danish and international context.

The International Auschwitz Day is a day of remembrance where there will be testimonies both from the Holocaust and from the victims of Stalinism, music and candle lighting.

The program for the day: 

At 11.00 // Welcome by museum director Janus Møller Jensen, Danish Jewish Museum.

At 11:05 // Speech by Minister of Culture Jakob Engel-Schmidt. 

At 11:20 // Ambassador Alan Leventhal, USA
Ambassador Charlotte Wrangberg, Sweden
Ambassador Svetlan Stoev, Bulgaria

At 11:35 // Speech by historian and journalist Simon Kratholm Ankjærgaard.

At 11:50 // Testimony – Miriam Gelfer Jørgensen
Testimony - pens. Ambassador Ole Philipson in conversation with Mirjam Capelle.
Testimony – Samuel Rachlin.

At 12:20 // Candle lighting by students from Caroline School and music by Kristine Thorup.

At 12:30 // Closing and subsequent refreshments in Den Sorte Diamant. 

Date: January 27, 2023

Time: 11:00-13:00

Location: The Queen's Hall in Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen

Arranged by: Danish Jewish Museum and Copenhagen Municipality 

Registration: For free - https://jewmus.nemtilmeld.dk/305/