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This is Not Holocaust - Installation art


June 11

Installation art

Join us for installation art and presentations during the Jewish Culture Festival in Copenhagen

This is Not Holocaust (2023) is the first work in the series EVERYDAY HOLOCAUST by Dal Karpantschof (b. 1985, Copenhagen). Based on inherited, collective traumas, the work introduces the audience to a series of seemingly harmless everyday moments. For some. Others, however, will experience anything but the mundane facade of everyday life, when the work on several levels brings memories, traumas and neuroses to life - in sometimes disturbing and sometimes amusing ways. The work seeks to create identification among the audience and the artist by articulating the artist's own experiences, neutralizing them and thus removing the relationship between the trauma caused and the intention behind the creation of the motif.

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Date: June 11, 2023

Time: 13:00-13:30

Location: The Jewish House, Library

Price: Free 

organizer: Jewish Culture Festival / Dal Karpantschof